What is a mystery shopper?

When doing your trivial tasks daily, maybe tried a hamburger at a new fast-food joint, or parked your vehicle for servicing, checked into a hotel, etc., have you noticed people who are not regular customers? These people could be Mystery Shopping who work on gig-to-gig or on a contract basis, based on the evaluation of different consumer-service companies.

Mystery shoppers are known to work on specific schedules, typically working on diverse assignments within a day. They enjoy perks related to the mystery shopping in terms of goods and services. The time and effort required to excel in this field are higher than other fields since not every mystery shopper can do their assessments right to the point, and earn decent wages. Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping

A Serious Business Mystery Shopping

Several companies hire mystery shoppers, through hiring agencies, to get clear and unbiased opinions about their offerings – products or services. Although the work can be hassle-free and fun for some, the mystery shopper’s goal in any gig is touted to be serious: provide the firm with relevant and valuable feedback that can help their business.

The misconception about mystery shopping lies in the fact that many people like this job for getting paid to avail all kinds of free stuff. The work is tough since the assessment must be sound and smart, and not many are good in it or derive decent money doing it.

Evaluating a hotel would mean that one should stay overnight and check out all kinds of departments open to the public while taking relevant pictures, taking relevant notes, watch over employees, and report key findings that aid in assessing hotel service quality, offerings, assessment of charges, and the like. The agency that hires you should provide specific and pertinent guidelines about the job especially a specific questionnaire that requires you to answer some questions with inputs or specific descriptions of the experience.

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

It’s important to select an experienced agency that works for mystery shopping websites. One should beware of asking for companies that ask for advance money. The companies need to be approved by the legitimate body named Mystery Shoppers Providers Association (MSPA).

When You Becoming mystery shopper, you can apply to multiple companies and keen in touch with them for getting regular mystery shopping work. Each company will require a nondisclosure or confidentiality contract that prohibits you from sending in details about any evaluation or assessment as part of the gig.

Skills required for becoming a good mystery shopper

  • Self-Motivation: Need to have a good work ethic while constantly seeking opportunities. Physical stamina and mental determination is the key.
  • A Keen Eye: They need to have a keen eye for details while looking at offerings.
  • Good Writing Skills: Excellent skills in writing are a must for all kinds of mystery shoppers.
  • Computer Savvy: The shoppers need to be fair enough in handling standard word-processing programs especially to deliver reports.
  • Familiarity with Concerns: Differentiate good service from bad service



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