Corporate Profile


Enterprise Change has become endemic. Customers are changing, markets are changing, aspirations are changing, and ways of doing business are changing. Managing the enterprise in these times requires a 24X7 involvement. Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. offers clients a range of customized services that help in understanding the changing paradigm, while simultaneously creating the skill sets and systems needed to succeed.

Our Service Spectrum

Mystery Shopping

Signal services such as our Mystery Shopping Assessments and CAS (Call Audit System) are immensely popular and are consistently helping corporations realign their services to customer expectations.

Human Resource

We offer a wide range of services in the Human Resource development that cover training, appraisals, career mapping, performance monitoring, employee engagement surveys, manpower rationalisation studies, employee engagement surveys etc.

Market Research


Our Market Research Services offer clients intimate insights into customer expectations, and cover internal customer surveys, research for discovering new market trends and customer engagement techniques etc.

Customer Engagement and Service Blueprint

Our Customer Engagement and Service Blueprint provides the enterprise with a complete customer walk through with service flow and talk lines which are unique to your business.