Our Strengths

We at Shaw Hotels

differentiate ourselves through our offerings, innovation and a passionate team who will look after your needs. We engage with our clients by delivering the best end to end solutions.

What sets us apart from competition?

  • Our checklists are simple and hence easily actionable.
  • We provide training needs analysis and quarterly presentations at no extra cost.
  • We guide our clients on increasing staff performance by various methods of motivation.
  • Our store rankings also help our clients differentiate themselves by picking out the best practices from within their Organisation.
  • We consider ourselves partners, promoting the overall growth of our clients both in customer experience and overall revenue generation.
  • The service blueprints we design are unique to each Organisation and are simple to use and implement at the shop floor level.
  • In today’s context, mystery shopping supplemented with the direct voice of the customer input gives the Organisation the pulse of their business. Our VOC surveys (telephonic) are very focussed and help our clients arrive at decisions and better their current marketing strategies.
  • We ensure a start-to-end interaction with shoppers to enable accuracy and timely delivery of reports.
Our Strength

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