Anti Covid services

A. Online Training

Is your organization ready for the post COVID-19 phase?

We at Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. can help you get your customer facing team ready. We are offering Customized Online Customer Engagement Training Program to help you prepare for the post COVID19 era.

Our training covers all customer touchpoints from entry to exit including social distancing, practice of sanitization and hygiene. Our program will also suggest how to keep your existing customers engaged during the lockdown period.

It is good to keep your staff engaged at this time and also be prepared for times to come.

B. COVID-19 Guidelines SOP/Manual/Handbook

Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. can you create a COVID-19 Guidelines SOP/Manual/Handbook specific to your organization and style of working. This document will cover all areas from pre-opening to post opening to the operations phase of your business. It would be a detailed document with flow charts, checklists and more.

C. COVID-19 Compliance Audits

Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is offering special audits (mystery/announced) to help you understand whether your organization/restaurant/retail/delivery kitchen is compliant with the highest standards to hygiene. We are creating special checklists to help organizations understand, whether all the anti COVID-19 measures they have implemented are being followed or not.

Mystery Audits – Home Delivery & Pick-Up for Restaurants.

Mystery Audits – Delivery – for E-Commerce

Mystery Audits – Kitchen (Back of the House) for Restaurants (this is applicable in cities and regions where movement of people is and will be allowed as per the government directive).

Creation of various COVID-19 checklists.

For detailed information on our Anti COVID Services